Where Has Your Journey Taken You

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

In life we have wants desires goals we long to achieve. For some we are appreciative of what we have. But how long has it taken you to realise what’s in front of you. We may go through obstacles trials and tribulations to obtain the wisdom and knowledge that we have. How are you applying it to your life ?

Duchess Letitia Antoinette featured in FOX, NBC

To Bring Joy Beyond Praise

My name Letitia Antoinette means to bring joy beyond praise. My products are all about bringing joy to people beyond praise. When you put your make up on you enhance your beauty. Some get so creative that there unrecognisable through their own creativity of how they apply their make up. That’s the importance of the process of putting make up on. It’s deeper than the reflection you see in the mirror. It’s how you apply yourself to live your best life. Not just that but fulfilling the very things which bring you joy. When you connect with yourself and have that inner peace. The freedom and joy you feel in your life is beyond praise.

Here are some of the amazing entrepreneurial women who wear Letitia Antoinette and are fulfilling there own life’s purposes.

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